Monday, July 26, 2010

First edition of Manic Mondays !

Is it just me or does it usually seem that just way too much happens during
the weekend that come Monday I am usually a frenzied whirlwind
of scrappy ideas, to-do lists, chores, more scrappy ideas.....the list goes on!

I suppose what better way to dump all of that craziness then blog it right here for all to read!
So ladies (and gentlemen)
welcome to the first ever edition of Manic Mondays!

There were about a hundred things that I wanted to get done this weekend but just couldn't seem to get to
due in part to the fact that I am still in the last stages of recovery
from two weeks worth of oral surgery. (OUCH!)

Playing around on my computer for the last couple of weeks I have come across about a trillion
adorable ideas for new layouts, cards and projects...even a few recipes!

SO, I have been playing around on the Two Peas website and loved their cards this month.
Along with a card previously posted I also made another.

I just love the design so much and it is super easy to do!
I made this card using some of the supplies that I won from a drawing at the scrapgrlz blog
a couple of weeks ago. Really cute papers and chip board made this card adorable!
Thanks Scrapgrlz for the goodies!

 I was also rather successful in cleaning and reorganizing my little studio this weekend with what
little energy I had.  Having a clean scrap room just makes me want to dive in to all my treasures and make a mess of the place again so I can make all these cute things!!!

Quite a few pictures there I know but I had to get every angle to make it look big so I feel good. lol
I have been living in a small two bedroom condo with my husband and out two "child-cats"
 for almost two years. Room is scarce but I have made the most of what
 Ive got to create what my husband lovingly calls my "estrogen cave"!
We will be moving in Jan to a MUCH bigger house
and I will have my dream scrap room!


  1. I love the color of your walls and your floor tile. Looks so soothing - almost like melted chocolate!

  2. Cute cards! I'm following now, so hope your count is up.

  3. I just love the colors in my house too ! Its like a dark cherry chocolate in the bedrooms and a deep burnt orange throughout the rest of the house and the tile is in every room... Its the best!

    Thanks for following ladies!

  4. Your card is great! That's my all time favorite paper line. :)