Saturday, December 4, 2010

My ultra lengthy, somewhat festive, slightly scrappy super duper post

Goood morning folks!
I have some amazing weather out here this morning, bright and sunny its putting me
in quite the mood.

Not to mention that I got a bit crafty with my coffee this morning... created a
lovely festive little beverage if I do say so myself!
(and I do)

Just take a look at this and tell me is doesn't give you he comfy cozies?!

Mocha mint coffee with home made whipped cream

Mmmm Deliciousness.... Ill even post the recipe for you all towards the bottom!

And on top of all that goodness who wouldn't at least get the warm and fuzzies
when you would this sweet little face waiting for you to
sit down with your coffee so she could come and walk all over your key board?

Okay now I am done sharing my mundane mornings with you all!
How about on to something scrappy?

I made up a very simple little girls mini-album for
one of my best clients.
Just something cute and simple and quick
for her to give as a Christmas gift.

I found this awesome album at AC MOORE
that was perfect... all girly and whatnot

Just a couple of pages, there were too many and I don't want to bore anyone!

Now to tell you all how I have been pining over December Dailys
I am not able to do one this year because we are moving to a new house in
a couple of weeks.
I can't even decorate !!!
Yes awful I know. But I cant wait to move... it will be wonderful.
Its just that living in Florida, it already doesn't feel like Christmas to this New England girl!
Now add no decorations or presents or anything, it might as well be June.

So my request to you all today is to comment with links to your holiday crafts!
 I don't care what they are be they December dailys, cards, layouts, advent calendars
I would loooove to see some festive happiness being made my the hands of my wonderful
followers and the passersby!

Now for the recipe!

* Dunkins holiday mocha mint coffee grounds
(can be found at any grocery store or wal-mart this
time of year... and yes I have to get my Dunkins fix some how because in this
state the closest Dunkins is a few hours drive for me *gasp*)

* Any hot cocoa you prefer
*heavy whipping cream
*candy canes ( for parties or coffee with friends)

Brew coffee
blend 1 cup heavy whipping cream and 4 T sugar until stiff peaks form
Prepare your coffee as usual only add 2 T cocoa powder
top with your home made whipped cream
sprinkle with cinnamon
garnish with candy cane and serve!

Looove this!

So dear friends, this is what I leave you with and I look forward to any and all comments as usual!


  1. Your album is adorable.
    I would love your coffee, if it wasn't coffee but hot chocolate (I am one in a million that hates coffee, teehee).
    My advide about your Dec. Daily. Take a picture everyday and then do your DD after the holidays. I didn't do mine until after the holiday's, in January.
    Just check my blog I have some cards that I have done. Also doing a give away, check that out too :)

  2. That album is really cute! And yes...comfy cozy, indeed!