Friday, December 17, 2010

Pack. Tape. Repeat

Well... Its finally here
*dun dun duunnnnnn*

The next couple of days will consist of my husband and I stuffing our whole house into little boxes
and whatnot. Can I just say that so far I have only gotten some of my Scrap room packed...
Its never ending I swear.

However before I had to pack it all up I managed a couple of quick layouts

Just a couple of things to tide my Blog over until I am unpacked, set up in the new house and can create once again! I will be up within the next week or so with pictures from the move and over the new place so please check back. But for now, I have already spent too much time taking this break to write instead of packing and cleaning so off I go!


  1. Beautiful layouts.
    I keep thinking of moving into a bigger home, so I could have a huge open scrapbooking room. But then I think of packing up the house we have live in for over 16 yrs and rethink it, LOL.
    Good luck.

  2. Ive been such a bad blogger lately. But forgot to tell you these pages rock :)