Monday, October 4, 2010

First entry in my scrap journal and a chilly morning!

Its been a fairly productive Monday so far. The hubby had to work days today as opposed to his
usual night shift so things are a bit wacky.
 I got up bright and early this morning to pop my head outside of my slider & visit the ocean to find that it was shockingly cold!
Now I know its October and everything but to wake up in sunny Florida to discover that its a balmy 46*
out is quite a shock! But to be honest I couldn't be more pleased about the change in Weather, I would much rather it be chilly out and throw on a comfy sweatshirt than sweat my fanny off!

I just wanted to update today with a quick post about my first entry in my scrap journal that I made a few weeks ago. It took me a little bit to get around to doing something with it being so busy getting ready for vacation, but I finally did!

Here is my entry for world card making day along with the little card that I made and a bit of journaling 
just for the occasion!

What is everyone else up to on this fine Monday?


  1. Great first scrap journal entry. Very pretty. I live in Arizona and we're still having too much heat. It was 90* at 8:30 last night. Ugh. So ready for the cooler weather!

  2. I love how you included a card on your journal page.

  3. I like your journal and your first entry. Great job. I am working on cards this week and I need to create a journal, too.