Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home made glue dots and my Kitteh

Yet another glorious day here in the Gulf of Mexico!
The weather is absolutely to die for and I just cant help but throw all of my windows open and sit
right out on my balcony watching the ocean as I write this...
Autumn on the Ocean is a strange creature I tell you.
The air is crisp and carries the smell of sunshine, cool mornings and colorful foliage but the ocean
is still its stunning self with its bright emerald and teal waters.
I am enjoying this gorgeous morning with a hot cup of coffee and one of my little critters to keep me company.

Shes such a sweet little thing.

So, this morning for Tip Me Tuesday I have for you the miraculous method of
making your own glue dots!!!
How excited are you right now because I know when I discovered this I was giddy.

Okay its alarmingly simple and take just a short amount of time.

Materials needed:

*Aleenes tack it over and over glue
*waxed paper

Step one

Tear off a strip of waxed paper a couple of inches wide.

Step Two
Make a few rows of dots.
These can be any size, large, small or you can even make the lined glue dots!

Step Three

Once they are dry (it takes about an hour and a half for them to be good and dry)
simply fold the waxed paper over and start all over with a new batch!
These are so easy to make and store!

How awesome is that!?
I hope you enjoy and save lots of money with this neat little trick because I know I have already!

(These glue dots were used to make the Halloween card I made the other day
for world card making day!!!)


  1. you guys are so cuute! my friend does this all the time, i need to be more resourceful\l like that!!!

  2. I thought the lady at the Arts and Crafts store on base was pulling my chain just trying to get me to order some stuff. Low and behold she was not lying. They are still having a 50% off sale on the entire store here in England and I am hopping right on that ..

    awesome tip

  3. See, with that title, I was a little concerned that your cat had an 'encounter' with your home made glue dots! LOL! Very cute photo!