Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My "Lucky Me" Mini reveal!

Its finally time!!!
Time to Reveal my "Lucky Me" Mini!!!

First of all I just want to say how much fun I had making this mini! Its such a great idea that Bree came up with and I really spent a lot of time with

it. At first I wasnt sure if I was going to stick with the style of construction but I decided that I wanted to because I havent made a book like this before. Now that I am finished I wish that the book wasnt quite so bulky on the right side of the book but when its standing up displayed its really lovely.

I went with my typical style throughout a good portion of my book. I love chic, romantic, lots of flourishes, paired with lost of fun elements as well. I used far too many companies to remember off the top of my head (although I kept a running supply list for each and every page so if anyone wants to know what is by who just ask!)

I cant wait to see what all of you make, I know there will be some amazing work!

Here is the Creative Soup Version of my mini reveal

Eeeek Im just so excited about this mini!!!

Now here are a few other squares that were not included
 (the special extended version!)

And now for you all I have a few full sized pictures so you can get a good idea
about what each page really looks like and the size.
And there are some pages that were not revealed anywhere but here on my blog !

I hope that you all love my book just as much as I do!

Now it's time for you to join in on the fun!
Make sure that you head on over to
today to get in on everything and to see all of the other ladies books!
There will be a project chat forum, tips and tricks, construction directions
and much MUCH more!!!

The Topic:

This class was inspired by the gratitude blogging a lot of scrappers did back in November. The idea is to create a mini-album full of things you are grateful for or things you just love or appreciate. Its a fun way to spend sometime documenting the positives of your life and tidbits about YOU. There will be ideas to help you make your list posted on the 2nd.

Thank you all so much for looking at my "Lucky Me" mini! I hope you all enjoyed it and join in to make one
of your own! See you over at Creative Soup for the class!


  1. WOW! This is absolutely fantastic! What a fun album! I love it!

  2. Nice work! Love it! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

  3. Wow, totally love that! I love that it's bulky and full of fun stuff!