Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally Friday !

Happy GLORIOUS Friday to everyone!

Today is going to be an eventful day for me. Later this afternoon/early evening I am going to an
open house at my LSS and I am SO excited.
Real live grown women scrappy company!? As you can tell I haven't gotten out of the house much lately.
Working nights and sleeping days has cut into my life in a big way !
Anyways, this is the first function that I have been to that I wasn't either hosting or helping to run and
I am so looking forward to going, relaxing, enjoying myself, meeting new people and getting crafty!
I will be posting loads of pics etc tomorrow I am sure about tonights events.
Its ladies night at A Scrap In Time!!!

Now folks... on to some exciting new creations!!!

Since going on the night shift with the Hubby I have had LOADS of "me" time with which
to get my hands dirty! I have all these ideas swimming in my head and cant work fast enough to get all of them out it seems! After going out the other day and buying loads of goodies with the blessing of the spouse
I am on system overload!

I have started another book!!! I am soooo excited about this one.
I just got one of Pink Paislees artisan albums and I have been trying to figure out what I was gonna do with it. After finishing Steampunk/vintagey themed envelope mini-book I want to do something a bit lighter. I am thinking a cross between Marie Antoinette and my fairy tale ( all things that make me happy... scrapping, being married to my best friend, just life in general but super theatrical ) Something along those lines... what does everyone think?

Here is a sneak peak at what I have so far (FYI... I'm IN LOVE!)

Absolutely the love of my life at the moment!
Then again anything that I am working on is the love of my life it seems.
I am so excited about the direction of this book so far. It is going to be very detailed however and seeing
as how I have loads of orders that I am working on and will be on vacation for a month it may
be a little bit before this puppy is done. BUT I am okay with that because when it is angels will sing haha.
(my total lack of a regular sleep schedule is showing I do believe)

So on top of that little nugget of greatness.
I have made what I hope will be effective really cute little dishwasher signs.
 I cant even begin to count the number of times that I have had to rewash the dishes because my husband put dirties in with the clean. Drives me batty! They are magnetic so they will just stick to it and be easy enough even for him to remember! lol

I cant even begin to contain my excitement over these little beauties!
The best part, the Hubby LOVES them and cracked up when I showed them to him.

Now I must be off so I can go get ready for my ladies night out on the scrappy town!
Have a FANTASTIC Friday everyone!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodies goodies everywhere!

Over the weekend my dear sweet wonderful husband
took me out to AC MOORE and just let me start throwing
whatever caught my fancy into a cart.
That's love my friends.

We are a bit tight on monies until our next pay period so I was
a bit surprised when he suggested the trip!
AC MOORE had all DCWV 12x12 matstacks on sale for only 9.99!
How glorious is that !? Ill be honest, the one that I ended up with is not one that I ever though I would buy.
But the papers in it were really cute and made all these little lights go off in my head.
Anyways! Along with that I got a few things here and there that I want to get my hands on soon!
I found this neat box that I am just dripping with ideas for. I am picturing some sort of mini-book similar to
my Steampunk one but more of a girly, Marie Antoinette feel to it. Then the box to match and hold the album... I am just giddy with excitement!

Lets just have a look see!

I wasn't fibbing... cuteness!

While out I also picked up a few here and there things that I needed to start making the cards for my
"A year in cards" packs. I worked on a few Halloween ones last night to help pass the time
before I could finally go to bed ( as the sun was rising )
and they are really cute!

Adorable cards made using
DCWV cards for the base
QK cauldron and tombstone
Ranger stickles and embossing powder
wrights ribbon
inkadinkado stamp

Second cuteness made using
again DCWV cards
various scrap papers from BoBunny etc.
K&Company BOO tape paper and pumpkin

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, I am off to go make more cards for my packs!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

(A little late) Tip Me Tuesday!

Oh its gonna be a late one here !
(for the next few months)
My dear husband has been moved to the night shift on base and
for the sake of his sleeping I
have made the decision to go on the shift with him!

It shouldn't be TOO bad, I am a bit of a night
owl myself and tend to putt around long after he goes to bed.
It just means that I will be the
Scrap Bandit of the Night!

Soooo I have a nifty little trick up my sleeve for you all that I am happy to share!
I discovered this about a week ago by chance. I have recently gotten a bridge *shudder*
and there are these little plastic things called "threaders" that you use to help
you floss your toofs.
Well, I was having the hardest time getting a piece of thread through a button on day
for a layout that I was working on and this amazing thought popped into my head.
Use the threaders to get my string through the button.
It worked like a champ and I have been using this method on SO MANY
things since then! Buttons, ribbon threading, embellishments etc.

Any brand as long as they look like these will do the trick!
Super cheap for a bunch of them and found at Wal-mart.

I have a looong night ahead of me now, time to get the coffee on!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Manic Mon-Labor-day!

So how are you all doing on this lovely work free Monday!?
I have brunch a'cookin and layouts in the makin

So, Over this past weekend I created my version of liquid gold
Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte

I am so completely excited about this that I feel the need to share it
 with all of you lovely people!
(that and I know that if at least half of you are like me, you scrap in to the wee
hours of the morning and start to crave coffee/Starbucks
as soon as you realize that they have closed because its
ohhhh  2:00 am)

So here is the Holy Grail of my most recent coffee adventures

Sara's Autumn Scrappin Fuel

Coffee grounds for 4 cups
I prefer Dunkins hazelnut non-decaf

2 tsp. of the McCormick brand pumpkin pie spice

2 tsp. Vanilla extract

If desired
Whipped cream
pure ground cinnamon

Prepare your coffee as usual.
Before turning coffee machine on sprinkle the pumpkin pie spice
and vanilla extract over the top of the
dry coffee grounds.

Let coffee warm in pot a few min after brewing is complete to really
let the flavor set in.

You can then add your espresso if desired
Top is whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon.


Here is a cute 2 page layout Ive finished and am quite fond of.
Yay for productivity
and lots of BoBunny goodness!

So what are everyones plans for today!?
Family and friends

Leave me some loving letting me know what you are up to today
and leave links to any and all projects you did today!

Also, I am thinking of doing another giveaway as soon as I reach 150 followers!
Its a big milestone so the goodies will HUGENORMOUS!!!
Yeah that's a solid word in my vocabulary
Just food for thought :)