Friday, October 8, 2010

As promised (Finally Friday part deux)

I am back!
And I bring with me pictures of a last minute layout I just did this afternoon.

So I am pretty much in lurve with it and I am so happy that
I decided to make a layout today.

See you all soon!

Finally Friday!

Ohhh happy Friday to all of my wonderfully lovely readers!

So I was drinking a hot cup of Earl Grey this morning and putting around on the internet when
I stumbled upon a few photos of previous Halloween costumes.
This got me thinking.
I do believe I have an idea of what I want to be this year
(yes I get all decked out every year without fail
... as stated before, Halloween is like a religion to me)

I am thinking one of the seven deadly sins.
Amazing I know!
I have been wanting to do this FOREVER.


And here are a few past Halloween costumes.



Last years, my personal Fave

Soooo I need to get on the ball with this years costume!!!
I am thinking either Envy or Sloth.
What do you all think!?

On another note, I have LOTS of last minute things to get done around here before the
grand adventure!
But, I really wanna try and get a bit of scrapping in today before I have to get everything packed etc.
Hopefully I will be able to and post some pics.
This will be my last post for a little bit while we are en route,
but I will be back up with fun pics, goodies and stories!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

AC MOORE rewards and a Pumpkin Blizzard

Happy Thursday!
So I had to force myself this morning to go out and get my oil changed for this loooong drive.
It was such a painful task that I figured a reward was in order.
So off to my local DQ I went!

I saw an advertisement for their new pumpkin pie blizzard and being the Autumn adoring freak that I am
it went to the top of my list of to-do's

If you haven't already done so and you looove pumpkin pie then what are you waiting for.
It tastes exactly like pumpkin pie!!!
(notice the Mike&Ikes in the background.... someone has had a sweet tooth lately!)

On another note.
I wanted to share with you all the awesome little selection of goodies that I got for FREE
using my AC MOORE rewards and a 50%off coupon.

How amazingly CUTE is all of this stuff!

First off I LOVE the themed sticker sheets by Pebbles!
I think that they are just the cutest things ever. They work amazingly for themed layouts,
art journaling and worlds of other awesome ideas!

The little stamps I got out of the dollar bin and I though that they would be cute
for little cards and journaling spots.

Gotta LOVE that BoBunny paper and of course some Prima flowers...

I got all of this for FREE using my rewards!
It you don't already have an awards account with AC MOORE 
I say you're crazy and what are you waiting for!?
You get $10.00 gift certificate for every 200 points you accumulate.
One point per dollar spent with loads of options for extra points! 

So it has been a happy little day thus far with my goodies both scrappy and festive!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I won blog of the week!!!

It's true it's true!!!
I won blog of the week from
I am so totally super excited about this I just had to share it with you all!

A BIG thank you to for this wonderful gesture.
I hope to keep delivering awesome blog posts
and love all of my readers!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home made glue dots and my Kitteh

Yet another glorious day here in the Gulf of Mexico!
The weather is absolutely to die for and I just cant help but throw all of my windows open and sit
right out on my balcony watching the ocean as I write this...
Autumn on the Ocean is a strange creature I tell you.
The air is crisp and carries the smell of sunshine, cool mornings and colorful foliage but the ocean
is still its stunning self with its bright emerald and teal waters.
I am enjoying this gorgeous morning with a hot cup of coffee and one of my little critters to keep me company.

Shes such a sweet little thing.

So, this morning for Tip Me Tuesday I have for you the miraculous method of
making your own glue dots!!!
How excited are you right now because I know when I discovered this I was giddy.

Okay its alarmingly simple and take just a short amount of time.

Materials needed:

*Aleenes tack it over and over glue
*waxed paper

Step one

Tear off a strip of waxed paper a couple of inches wide.

Step Two
Make a few rows of dots.
These can be any size, large, small or you can even make the lined glue dots!

Step Three

Once they are dry (it takes about an hour and a half for them to be good and dry)
simply fold the waxed paper over and start all over with a new batch!
These are so easy to make and store!

How awesome is that!?
I hope you enjoy and save lots of money with this neat little trick because I know I have already!

(These glue dots were used to make the Halloween card I made the other day
for world card making day!!!)

Monday, October 4, 2010

First entry in my scrap journal and a chilly morning!

Its been a fairly productive Monday so far. The hubby had to work days today as opposed to his
usual night shift so things are a bit wacky.
 I got up bright and early this morning to pop my head outside of my slider & visit the ocean to find that it was shockingly cold!
Now I know its October and everything but to wake up in sunny Florida to discover that its a balmy 46*
out is quite a shock! But to be honest I couldn't be more pleased about the change in Weather, I would much rather it be chilly out and throw on a comfy sweatshirt than sweat my fanny off!

I just wanted to update today with a quick post about my first entry in my scrap journal that I made a few weeks ago. It took me a little bit to get around to doing something with it being so busy getting ready for vacation, but I finally did!

Here is my entry for world card making day along with the little card that I made and a bit of journaling 
just for the occasion!

What is everyone else up to on this fine Monday?