Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bridal Shower accordion book and Halloweenie links!


Good afternoon everyone!
I hope that you are all having a lovely Thursday so far.

I thought that I would share with you a few photos of a mini-book that I made for one of the
classes over at Two Peas.

My take on the Accordion album that was done for the mini-album a month: September.
I am very happy with how this came out! I only had a few photos printed out from my Bridal shower and didn't quite know what to do with them. Their numbers didn't warrant a regular min-book and when I came across this months design I knew it was perfect! My book however is double sided with photos and journaling spots on each panel. Just a little something simple to pass some time.

I am glad that I finally found a way to showcase these... my bridal shower was last May!

Ohhh How I wish that Fall was in the air! I live in Sunny (and brutally hot) Florida and the only
place that Fall resides is in my heart! I hear from my family and read on forum posts
about all of the wonderful Autumn activities starting and I simply sigh with envy!

So my pretties, here are a few fun Autumn and Halloween link, blogs, sites ,pics and projects!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tip Me Tuesday - Scrapbooking storage solutions!

"Where do you put all the stuff you accumulate?
I am running out of places for my "newest" stash! I'm almost embarrassed by how much I have.
 I love it all but finding ways to store it is more work then actually using the stuff! Help!!"

This was a question posted by a fellow Pea on Two Peas.
I have personally been asked this question time and time again so I though that this would
be a perfect post for Tip me Tuesday!

Over the past few years I have had to come up with some rather creative and unconventional
methods for storing my scrappy supplies.
Being a Military wife you can be moved at a moments notice and where you end up may not have the luxury for ample storage space for a scrap room! This is where you have to get pun intended :)

*Hanging mesh or metal baskets can work wonders if you are okay with or able to put a few holes in your roof, they also come in fabric I think. *Behind the door shoe racks for punches, ribbon etc.

*Spinning spice racks for small embellies. These can sometimes be found at yard sales SUPER cheap!

*Get a couple of rolling caddies that you can store paper and stickers in that you can roll right under your work space or out of the way. *Cheap shelving sets can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond of Wal-Mart.

*Your traditional shoe box. These are great for themed storage and stack well. You can get
decorative ones at AC MOORE or Ms that look nice on shelves is you don't have closet space.

*Thin rods, dowels etc are great for storing ribbon! These can be screwed right into your walls at varying heights or hung in some way and will help you to organize your ribbon my colour, theme, material etc. 

*Stamps, as we all know, take up an obscene amount of space! Depending on how frequently you stamp
be it on cards, layouts etc. you could store them handy to stored away neatly. One highly effective organizational solution that I swear by is stamping all your stamps on to paper that you will then organize into themes, seasons etc and put it in a 3 ring binder. There have been countless times that I have wanted to use a Halloween stamp, forget what I have, don't want to dig around for a half hour and just grab my binder!

*Store your prints in archival photo boxes to keep them in perfect condition while they wait to be scrapped. Create tabs for each topic or time range, making it easy to return to later.

*Pegboard.... I know immediate shudder! But wait! We can make it cute... yes cute! All you have to do is get your pegboard to your desired size and then to to Ms or another craft store and have is framed in a cute simple neutral frame. It creates a decorative storage unit that can match any decor! I recommend using white hooks and pain them if you would like.

I have used all of these and my life has been that much better because of them!

Here are a few website that I find truly helpful and I'm sure you will too:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Manic Monday

I hope you are all having a lovely Monday so far!
My weekend was an uneventful busy sort of weekend.
I have been participating in the Two Peas Back to school classes and have been enjoying myself so far!
I love all of the ladies and its such a wonderful community. If you haven't already
taken a gander over there be sure you make it a point today!

My most recent project that I completed over this weekend was for the
altered memo board/item class.

What I decided to go with was an altered journal.
It isn't a memo board but It has to so with school. I am an art major and I recycled one of my hard cover sketch books and altered it to make a Creative/Scrap journal.

Its just kind of something that I came up with as I went along. I have a feeling that it will consist of ideas for my scrapbook blog, random crafty journaling, layout ideas, LO sketches,new things that I discover and learn along my travels and diff personal scrappy stories etc.
 I think it will be a fun learning experience.

Sooo without further adieu

My old sketch book from college

After using my spray adhesive I aged
with my MM acrylic paint.
It gave it a cute girly aged feel.

Top of the front cover

Bottom of the front cover

Notice my 2peas sketches lol.
Ill attach all print out ans ideas with ribbon threaded
through holes for a cute and removable

I distressed and decorated a LOT of the blank pages
in the whole book.
I will embellish them further as I go along.

Back cover.

I had fun making this and it took just a couple of hours while watching TV lol.
But seriously, if you haven't been to TwoPeas go NOW!

That's all for today though! I have delicious meatballs and homemade sauce
simmering in my crock pot and its just calling my name!
Enjoy the rest of your Manic Monday!