Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And let the Holiday season craziness begin I say!

Okay so life has been so totally wicked non-stop crazy since I have been back from my northern hiatus!
I have been swamped with orders left and right getting a handful
of new ones every couple of days or so.
( That's amazing for lil' ole me)

On top of all that I have been taking care of the infamous Stinky.
She is doing worlds better now thankfully but the Vet said it would take up to 6+
months for her to heal and she may never have use of her tail again.
I am just thrilled shes walking and can go potty on her own!

On to some amazingness!

Here are a few of the goodies that I picked up from
Ink About It
In Westford, MA 01886
(review to follow!)

Some wonderfully delicious paper from Websters Pages and Graphic45

An awesome Tim Holtz sticker pack, Pebbles stickers, some ADORABLE
stamps for Christmas and Halloween etc.

How absolutely sweet at these ?!

Some odds and ends

Some Flower Soft in "Autumn"
Okay folks... I CANT NOT wait to try this out
on some of my cards and layouts!!! I have so many ideas in my head !
Tell me that stuff doesnt look like actual fall leaves... I dare ya!

Now on to some of what has been keeping me so busy!

I have been cranking out some of the cutest little Holiday gift tags people!

I was sitting on the couch on night thinking of the card packs I make
And I said to myself
 "Self... what if we offered gift wrapping with handmade gift tags!"
Aaaand the rest was history, next thing you know I am making up whole packs
of tags for people to buy to their hearts desire.

I nearly swoon from cuteness overload each time I look at them!
On top of all this fun, last night I made some of what I think will be my favorite Christmas cards
of this whole season... yes its wonderful I know!

However, those I will be saving for tomorrows post... I cant let you in on all of my fun at once
that would be craziness!