Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally Friday: A birthday and a cupcake!

Happy happy birthday to my one and only

My dear sweet husband turns the ripe ole' age of 23 today!
I just love birthdays... who doesn't!?

All this recent talk of birthdays around our household got me thinking of
cake, specifically :


Who doesn't just love cupcakes to itty bitty little pieces!?
Well I have for you all a tutorial for the cutest little cupcake pincushion!

Laundry detergent cap Cupcake pincushion tutorial

Items needed

  1. one piece of white craft felt
  2. cotton balls
  3. good scissors
  4. 2 types of ribbon
  5. small hair elastic or rubber band
  6. One white or green pipe cleaner
  7. American Crafts Memory Maker double sided marker in LEAF (this is if you are using a white pipe cleaner)
  8. colourful pins. (I used the 80 count ball point pins by Prym creative. I got these at Wal-Mart for under $2.00 I prefer these because they are the colour of sprinkles!)
  9. Tombo Mono multi liquid glue or any other liquid glue
  10. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  11. Laundry detergent cap. ( I used the one from an Arm & Hammer bottle of detergent+softener, I chose it for the pink colour!)
  12. One red button or bead on the medium to large side

Step one


Fill your detergent cap with a handful of cotton balls so that they create a dome
shape that will resemble icing.

Step Two

Cover your cotton filled cap with your white felt and wrap your elastic around it to
hold the dome shape in place. Press the shape of the cupcake into your felt then remove from your cap.

Step Three

Cut the shape that was pressed into your felt out and set it aside after making sure that it will come down the
the bottom lip of your cap.

Then remove half of your cotton balls and put them back in the bag. With the other half you will want  to shred them until they are soft and fluffy almost doubling in volume.

Cut several squares out of your left over felt. you will then refill your cap with first the shredded cotton then your felt strips.

Step Four

Once your cap is filled and resembles the correct shape, cover it with your felt circle and glue all of the edges in place with your hot glue gun.

Step Five

Once you have secured your felt you will then glue strips of ribbon around the edges of the cap to hide the messy ends of the felt. This will give your cupcake a cute frilly look!

Step Six

Take your pipe cleaner and bend it into the shape of two small leaves with a stem. Cut the excess off and set aside.

If you are using a white pipe cleaner you will then color it with your American Crafts marker. Now take your button or bead and thread your pipe cleaner through and adhere it to the top center of your cupcake's frosting to make the cherry on top!

Step Seven

squirt a small dollop of your liquid glue onto some scrap paper and run the pointy ends of your pins
in the glue.

Then press your pins into your felt to secure the felt further and create your cupcake's sprinkles!

Now you have an adorable Cupcake pincushion!

These make the cutest gifts for just about anything and they are so easy to make!
I hope you find them just as yummy delicious as I do!
Don't forget to post a link of your own cupcake pincushions on my blog for everyone to see if you make one too!