Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh my dear its been a while!

Oh my stars!!!
How I have missed writing daily and you all here!

Man things have been busy the past couple of months.
I started a full time job and that has kept me
running around from 6:30 am til I pass out some time around 9:00pm!

And recently we got a new addition to our little family!


Tuna is our new Shephard/ridgeback mix baby that was rescued from a kill shelter.
 Although we have only had him for just over a week he has grabbed hold of both our hearts with his little-big paws!
He has been so good with everything
 (although he gets in to his fair share of trouble just like a little boy)

We entered this picture into a photo contest hosted by Your Corner Barkery.

If you would like please help Tuna win free homemade organic healthy crunchie goodies made at a doggy bakery in town just for puppies! All you have to do is follow THIS link and vote on his pic titled (Tuna the "fish".) Please pass this on to your friends and share it on fb or anywhere else, it takes 1 min and Tuna really appreciates it!

Here are a few photos of Tuna on his big first outing to Seaside FL.

Thank you to everyone who votes and I miss you all dearly!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

DT call over at Creative soup!!!

Good morning everyone!
Its almost Friday and I have some awesome news to share with
you all to get your weekend off to a bang!

Creative Soup is adding to their team!

I have LOVED working on this team!
There are some wonderful ladies with huge amounts of talent and you will just love being on the team, so apply today!

Who We Are:
Creative Soup ( is a scrapbook challenge forum whose goal is to challenge and inspire scrapbookers to create, create, create!

Creative Soup has several challenges and events to help people get their mojo going!

1. Mojo Mondays: Weekly challenges that rotate between four different kinds of challenges (AAM, Sketch, Inspiration, and Random). You can learn more about these challenges

2. Quarterly Classes: We offer one free quarterly class with detailed format instructions and journaling prompts where scrapbookers can follow along online.

3. Fun inspirational threads that post each week including: Talk Tuesday (journaling prompt), Web Wednesday (cool sites to check out), Font Friday (featured online free font), and Snapshot Sunday (photography challenges/ideas)

4. The forum: unlike most challenge blogs, this site offers communities where people can chat, ask questions, and share their creations.

Why You Should Apply!

This is a free forum so there is no true compensation. This site is meant to be a fun, friendly place where people encourage each other in this great hobby! But there are several great reasons to join the team!

1. The Experience - if you have always wanted to be on a design team this is a great way to get experience that you can add to your scrappy resume! I am always happy to recommend people who have been on my design teams for other teams.

2. The Challenge - nothing helps keep you motivated as much as a being on a team with a commitment! Our challenges are creative and fun and will be sure to help push your creativity.

3. The Community - we are lucky enough to have a great group of people who are active and supportive of each other. It truly is a fun and welcoming site! We promise a drama-free zone where you can just enjoy yourself!

4. At the end of each quarter the site founders will send the Creative Team members who completed their challenges and duties a little thank you gift from us.

The Creative Team Requirements:

1. To create 1-2 projects per month for our challenges. Each team member will be assigned 1 challenge in advance that they must complete. If something comes up and you cannot do the challenge on time we ask that you find someone to swap challenges with or someone to cover for you. You are encouraged to do at least one additional challenge of your choice but this is not required.

2. Participate on the forum by checking in a few times a week and posting ideas, layouts, and responses to members’ questions or threads. You are not required to be on the forum every day... but we do hope to see a regular presence on the board.

3. Positively represent the board by sharing links to the site where you can (including blogs and forums) and by conducting yourself on the forum in a friendly manner.

4. Creative Team term is 3 months (April-Jun 2011), with an option to extend to 6 months if both sides choose. Members can serve no more than six consecutive months on the Creative Team as we like to keep the Creative Team fresh!

How to Apply: *Due Friday March 11th*

1. Projects: please send 3 favorite projects to These projects must be your original work. At least 2 should be layouts. We would love to see something non-layout like a mini or a card, but a third layout is fine if you prefer to do layouts. You may send more than one photo per layout if you like. *These can be existing projects in your gallery. No need to create new projects for the call*

2. Link to your online gallery and blog if you have one.

3. List of other design team obligations, if any.

4. Why you want to join our Creative Team

5. What you like to create: layouts, size preference, mini's, cards, etc. Please include if you like to do sketch challenges or not. It’s okay if you don't!

6. Links to forums you are active on.

7. A head shot to include in our newsletter announcement

**No previous design team experience needed!**
Any questions feel free to ask me!

Check it out!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who doesnt love Mardi Gras!?

I just love this time of year!
Mardi Gras is my second favorite holiday right next to Halloween.

After my first visit to New Orleans last June I have been hooked
ever since!

This past Saturday I went to a Mardi Gras themed crop
at my favorite LSS

I got SO MUCH done at the crop!
 I started and finished my honeymoon (Almost 2 years later )
 and got a few of my husbands military LOs done so I was quite happy. On top of all that there was awesome food, great girls and I even won some new punches!

Here are a few snapshots from the day.

Some of the wonderfully decorated room!

Me working on a few things in between stuffing
 my face with yummy goodies!

My girlfriend Ingrid and I

My travel stash pt. 1

My travel stash pt. Deux

Me being a weenie with my new punches I won!

I had a blast and a big thank you to all the ladies at
ASIT for hosting a wonderful crop and to everyone for coming out!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day !!!

 Happy Valentines Day to you all!

I had a busy weekend with a crop over at Creative Soup that I was running with the
other wonderful DT girls!

Even though the crop is over you can still have fun with a couple of my projects that
I made just for this love filled day!

While trying to think up a fun challenge for you all to do I was working on this LO. I figured what a better time to do a LO about doing things you love with those you love than during the holiday of love!?
Something you love doing with someone you love!

Create a LO using at least 90% non-traditional Valentine colors as well as the same
photo more than once! Minimum journaling requirement of 20 words.

Here is my LO  for my challenge:

My journaling:

I was so excited for our first Holidays together!
Decorating our Christmas tree together was so much fun
and just the beginning of many traditions to come!

And to finish off today's cuteness I am SUPER EXCITED
To post one of the Valentine's Day cards I made for the crop!

Here is my inspiration

And now here is my take on their card
(Ahhh I love it !!!)

I hope you all enjoy!
And remember, like always if you play along make sure to link photos of your
work here on my blog so we can all come see!

“Love is the condition in which the happiness and existence of another person is essential to your own.” ~Robert Heinlein

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh my stars!!! I NEED this...

So I stumbled upon this just now while doing some blog hopping and I am in love!

First of all this video is epic and makes me want to start one right now, so props to them for that!
 However they dont come out until APRIL

(perfect... just in time for my birthday!)
And I think the glue "pen" attachment is just awesome...
 I can throw the book in my purse and always have it with me AND be able
 to work on it while out and about!


That is how this makes me feel.

The video starts with books that have been done for various events or just to keep. I used to make books just like this all through middle school and highschool. But their book just makes things seem more do-able, portable, inspiring... okay enough rambling...


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My "Lucky Me" Mini reveal!

Its finally time!!!
Time to Reveal my "Lucky Me" Mini!!!

First of all I just want to say how much fun I had making this mini! Its such a great idea that Bree came up with and I really spent a lot of time with

it. At first I wasnt sure if I was going to stick with the style of construction but I decided that I wanted to because I havent made a book like this before. Now that I am finished I wish that the book wasnt quite so bulky on the right side of the book but when its standing up displayed its really lovely.

I went with my typical style throughout a good portion of my book. I love chic, romantic, lots of flourishes, paired with lost of fun elements as well. I used far too many companies to remember off the top of my head (although I kept a running supply list for each and every page so if anyone wants to know what is by who just ask!)

I cant wait to see what all of you make, I know there will be some amazing work!

Here is the Creative Soup Version of my mini reveal

Eeeek Im just so excited about this mini!!!

Now here are a few other squares that were not included
 (the special extended version!)

And now for you all I have a few full sized pictures so you can get a good idea
about what each page really looks like and the size.
And there are some pages that were not revealed anywhere but here on my blog !

I hope that you all love my book just as much as I do!

Now it's time for you to join in on the fun!
Make sure that you head on over to
today to get in on everything and to see all of the other ladies books!
There will be a project chat forum, tips and tricks, construction directions
and much MUCH more!!!

The Topic:

This class was inspired by the gratitude blogging a lot of scrappers did back in November. The idea is to create a mini-album full of things you are grateful for or things you just love or appreciate. Its a fun way to spend sometime documenting the positives of your life and tidbits about YOU. There will be ideas to help you make your list posted on the 2nd.

Thank you all so much for looking at my "Lucky Me" mini! I hope you all enjoyed it and join in to make one
of your own! See you over at Creative Soup for the class!