Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I have been super busy lately! My sister-in-law has been down since Wed and the Hubby and I have been running her all over the place to see all the sights etc.

They are laying out by the ocean right now in the back yard. I let them go alone 1. So they can have some alone time. ( they haven't seen each other in over a year and they are very close) and 2. Because I think I have some God awful sinus infection or something going on... I cant remember the last time I was able to breathe out of my nose! I don't think that laying out in the hot Florida sun would make me feel all that great right now.
We will be heading out to my LSS this afternoon to go pick up some goodies and work on a few projects that she wants to take home with her.
I haven't been to A Scrap in Time in far too long and need to get my hands on
some of their clearance and new CHA goodies !!!

My mother has been very ill in the hospital for a few weeks now.
I  wish that I could be there with her through all of this, but alas I can not
so I did the next best thing.
A Card !

Sorry for the poor quality but I had to get the card out ASAP so
only got a quick shot of it with my cell before I sent it off!

So much to do and so little time! She leaves next Wed. Too short of a visit if you ask me!
Hope you are all having an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tip Me Tuesday!


I have been so busy! I have quite the day ahead of me. My sister-in-law is flying in from Boston tomorrow morning so I have to do all of the usual stuff : Clean my house far more than is necessary, clean out my car, do laundry, grocery shop etc. Did I mention that it is going to be 113 degrees out today !?!?! Goodness I am SO ready to move back to New England!!!

I am armed with a large iced coffee however so I am wired and dangerous

Oh!  I finished up my last layout that I am entering into the CHA challenges on the Two Peas web site. Finished it last night while the hubby was playing with Fantasy Football stuff...

I wanted to do something different for this layout. The picture was one of my favorites that I took that day and really wanted to showcase it. I tried a few new techniques that I had seen and love the finished product!

New technique tips!

Paper rolling- I saw this done on a much smaller scale in a book and thought it looked awesome so wanted to give it a shot! Simply cut slits into the paper you have chosen and roll them
to the desired length.

Crackle accents- I have had a bottle of this stuff for a little bit but have never used it. I don't know if its because I didn't know how to or if the opportunity just never showed itself. But the effect it lent to the clocks is amazing!
This product can be picked up at your LSS or AC Moore etc.
Beyond easy to use!

Cutting your image- This was something that I had used in college for scaling a photograph so you could redraw it with total accuracy. Although we were not taught to actually cut the photo for drawing I thought that to cut it and expand it would be a really unique way to showcase a picture. I love it!
All you have to do is figure out what size you would
like the portions of your photo be.
 Lets say you want each piece to be 1" by 1"
Simply draw a 1" by 1" grid on the back of your photo and carefully cut the picture into the sections
Be sure to keep them in the order that they are supposed to be in!
Otherwise it will be a huge headache to get them in the right order.
Once you have them all laid out spread them just a bit so there is a slight space between each piece.
You can then adhere them all to your layout using photo mounting squares.
For my layout I wanted to add more dimension so for a few of the sections I
used pop dots to adhere them and got an awesome 3D look!

Hope you all have a good day!
Aaaaand I'm off!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Manic Monday!

Well this past weekend was fairly relaxing. The hubby had weekend duty but ended up coming
home early on Saturday and didn't have
to go in on Sunday. Saw Dinner for Schmucks last night.
***** stars!
Go see it folks, its a laugh a minute!

Also, Took a trip out to my local Michael's on Sunday.

They are getting in more and more new releases here and there.
With CHA over they are making room on their shelves for new product so I got a few goodies all on
clearance! Take a trip down and see what you can snatch.

I have plans on starting my "year in cards" packs soon.
A pack of handmade greeting cards consisting of 1of each - Valentines, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthday/thank you.
Pretty much whatever I feel like incorporating that year.
These make the PERFECT gift for friends, family, co-workers, secret Santa, gift baskets, stocking stuffers anything you can think of !

I got some new clear stamps while at M's that I cant wait to try out
for the cards this year. My husband are tight on money because of saving up to move into a new
house so these will be perfect affordable gifts for everyone.

On a different note, my sister-in-law will be coming to visit for a week this Wednesday. I am very excited!
Its not often that I have not only another girl in the house,
but one that I personally got addicted to scrapbooking...Its all in a days work!
I have plans of taking her around to all of my LSS to get our hands on some new CHA goodies!

Lastly, I came across a new scrapbooking/paper crafting magazine yesterday while at
B&N. This edition was just amazing! It is a bit pricey however
and I haven't yet thought of a way to get it on sale with a coupon
so I will either just have to wait it out
or suck it up and swallow the $16.00 price tag.
Oh how it may just be worth it though!

That's all for now.
Enjoy your week everyone and thanks for hanging around for my Manic Monday!