Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Im alive I swear it !!! Back from my northern hiatus, and all in one piece even!

 I am officially back from my month long hiatus to New England. Goodness that was such an amazing trip, right in the midst of Autumn on top of it all!

I will absolutely have layouts and pics up for you all shortly ( as soon as I finish unpacking that is, it seems to be taking forever!) I so badly want to just dive in and get my hands dirty with creative and scrappy goodness. But alas, I am back and there are things to be done! One of the things on my to-do list was of course to get my blog once again back up and running!

Then it was of high importance that I got my personal scrapbooking business up and running and taking orders again. (which I have been SWAMPED with, today was my first actual day back at work in my studio and I think people have been waiting because as soon as I announced my return I got FLOODED with orders... YAY!)
Unfortunately there will be no actual scrapping for a couple of days. I still have some unpacking and cleaning to do, including clothes, goodies and loads of super fun scrapbooking supplies that I got while back home.

All of that and we came home late Friday night to find our poor Stinky baby got severely injured while we were making the 1500 mile drive back to Florida.
The vet says that she is suffering from blunt force spinal trauma!!!
Our guess is she got scared when our friend came over to feed and care for them and jumped out of our high
window in the kitchen and fell rather than landed.
I havent slept for days between worrying and giving her meds, bringing her to the potty and
constantly watching her.
NOT the homecoming I had in mind.

Poor Stinky (that is her nickname, her actual name is Lady haha) laying down after
her trip to the emergency vet because
that is pretty much all she can do for now.

What are the rest of you up to, and what has everyone been up to while Ive been gone, I feel like there is loads of catching up to do! 

I will leave you all with a few of my personal favorite pictures from our trip home.
(brace yourselves its about to get very picture heavy!)