Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh happy day

Hello All!
I got what could maybe possibly be some amazingly fantastic news this afternoon.
One of the local High Schools in my area has what they call a Moms Club.
All of the mothers for the HS football and cheerleading teams get together and do mom-ish, PTA type activities that make the world go round for most kids and schools alike.
Its wonderful what some mothers will do to support their children and their schools!
There need to be more organizations like this.
I got a phone call from who I assume to be one of the head mothers asking me for all of my info
and inviting me to an open house type event that they are having as a vendor.
Unfortunately the event is the end of October and I will be gone on vacation.
BUT she says that all the moms want me to do books for them!!!
So I do believe that I will have an amazing "contract" with the HS Moms Club!
*insert little happy dance here*

On another note.
Here are a few pics of some of the finished and unfinished simple little
take homes that were done at the open house at my LSS the other night.

A little tag with a cute quote that we did. Love how the flower turned out,
 the tag isn't really my style but its always good to try something new!
I cant remember the name of the woman who was teaching the tag
but great job!
Tattered Angels glimmer was used on the flower and the tag... LOVED IT !

Cute simple little Christmas card we did for one of the make and takes.
This was my first time using the I-rock believe it or not.
I wasn't overly impressed. It was handy but a little awkward to use.
The MS punch used for the bottom was a favorite of mine.

The front and back cover of what will maybe one day be a finished mini book.
I appreciate the fact that I got to play with pretty papers and was shown
how to use a new binding tool that I haven't seen in action before
but I would have preferred to leave this station with a finished product be it small and simple verses
an unfinished book. They had the stuffing of the book for sale, all the other pages embellies etc
but I really didn't have the budget to buy it all at the time.

Now I have a quick Layout that I LOVE that I did two nights ago as part of my night owl
status and putterings that I have been up to lately.

U & I

I love the new Maya Road ribbon that I got from my LSS the night of the open house!
How cute are all of these little white ribbon roses?!
Butterfly and button chipboard is K&Co
With lots of wonderfully delicious papers etc, lots of MME.

Well I am off for now, lots of work to get done!
Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tip Me Tuesday- A special HSN edition !!!

I hope that you are all having a FANG-tastic Tuesday!!!
Pardon my corniness but I have been inspired
by Halloween goodies galore once again!

I have a little tip for you all today (well sort of)
As I am sure many of you already know
Today ALL day on HSN there is nothing but gorgeous new scrapbooking supplies
being showcased and demonstrated by fabulous people!

Well if you are an unlucky girl like me who doesn't get HSN through your cable provider, has a husband who MUST watch every second of ESPN while hes awake or if you are stuck at work
never fear!

I was SUPER duper excited when I found this out
and felt the need to share!

I have already seen SO many things that have reduced me to a drooling mess at my scrap table!
The Martha Stewart Halloween items are to DIE for!
(no pun intended)
And the new Cricket Imagine!?!?

Now on to more relevant tips and tricks.

Baby wipes- If you haven't discovered the amazingness of these little godsends yet
I urge you to get out and grab a few packages!
These, even the cheap store brand kind, work WONDERS for cleaning your
stamps. Both acrylic and wood mounted! I have seen the stamp cleaning pads
and sprays and the expensive MS brand wipes and I just cant bring myself to spend the
money on any of it. I was told about this little secret by my Nana a while ago
and it was one of the best things that she has ever done for
my crafty little life!
One of two wipes clean your stamp right up but they also
will get any tacky glue off of your work space or mat
and work well to do a quick clean off of your space when switching between projects
or for a quick tidying.

Cutting Mats for your Silhouette- We all know that having to buy those replacement
mats for your Silhouette can be both a pain in the neck and pricey! Thanks to a good friend of mine I
stumbled across an ingenious idea for a solution. During the holidays especially, but any time of the year you 
can go to Wal-Mart and find those plastic place mats for children that
go on your kitchen table so they don't make a mess. 

All you do is pick up one or two of these. Make sure that they are flat and smooth on the back side because this is the side that you will be using.
Take them home and trace your actual cutting mat onto the table mat and cut it to size.
 Then with a Sharpie marker simply make the markings for where you line it up in your machine to match the original. Next you are going to take a can of repositionable adhesive.
I prefer the Best-Test brand. I find that it provides you with a secure hold that
also will easily let go of  your card stock or whatever you are cutting when you are finished with it.

Then every now or then you can either wash your mat right in your kitchen sink with a bit of dish soap and some elbow work or just buy a new one for around a buck!
They will last forever before you have to replace or wash as well!

*just a little side note. Tim Holtz is on HSN now and I just melted over EVERYTHING!*

Goodness...Okay well this is all for now, I am off to bask in this HSN glory!
I hope you all enjoyed my little tips and tricks for today, make sure you hop on over to HSN either via your
television of their website for live streaming

Ohhh PS. One of my cards has been featured today on a wonderful blog!!!
You can find it Here!