Saturday, December 18, 2010

Perfect way to start the day

Who wouldnt want this first thing in the morning ?
This is just what I needed to get me ready for day 2 of packing!
My Stinky baby (and Weenie, not shown because shes forever sleeping), holiday beverages and Christmas cookies fresh out of the oven.
*Ahhhh bliss*

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pack. Tape. Repeat

Well... Its finally here
*dun dun duunnnnnn*

The next couple of days will consist of my husband and I stuffing our whole house into little boxes
and whatnot. Can I just say that so far I have only gotten some of my Scrap room packed...
Its never ending I swear.

However before I had to pack it all up I managed a couple of quick layouts

Just a couple of things to tide my Blog over until I am unpacked, set up in the new house and can create once again! I will be up within the next week or so with pictures from the move and over the new place so please check back. But for now, I have already spent too much time taking this break to write instead of packing and cleaning so off I go!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guess who has exciting news!?

Okay folks, I found out yesterday but wanted to save it for todays post.
After months and months (and months, months, months)
Of applying to various DTs I finally got chosen!

You are now looking at the pround new member of
Scrap Our Stash's DT !

Here  is the link for the Design Team reveal!

I entered various pieces but the ones
that were shown for me being a finalist were my
Dishwasher signs!

Here is the link to the Scrap Our Stash blog
You all should really check it out if you havent!
Thay have all sorts of wonderful challenges and prompts.
There is always a chance for you to enter a piece to win a spot as one of their guest designers
as well which is awesome!

I look forward to working with all of the lovely ladies from previous DTs and
all of my fellow winners!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Are you a messy crafter?

Happy Monday morning everyone!
I hope that you all had a fabulously crafty weekend filled with holiday goodness.

So I was roaming around of the TwoPeas forums this morning;
its a to be taken with coffee daily kind of thing for me of course.
And one of the posts I came across sparked my interest and seemed perfect for todays post.

Are you a neat crafter or a messy one?!

The answer is
I am an insanely messy crafter... When I am working on a project its like I go mad and don't see the messes I'm making for myself. I pull whatever I need out of where ever it came from and sometimes close the drawers or cabinets.
I have this pile of stuff that grows and grows to the left of me on my rather large work space... and it doesn't end there, the mess usually transfers on over to me! I will have stickles under my nails, photo square backings clinging to my apron (thank god for my apron otherwise Whoooo doggy!)

Acrylic paints up one forearm and stamped images up the other, adhesive all over my hands and of course various sticky bits and doodads stuck to the bottoms of my feet for good measure...

But then right as I am about to implode upon seeing the mess I have to clean up before I can begin the next day on some new excursion, I tilt my coffee towards my room touched by a mini tornado in salute and down the sucker in one gulp... time to get to work!
Isn't being messy half of the fun, and creative process?!
 I almost wouldn't have it any other way... almost, I mean if someone were to offer me a family of magical craft room cleaning elves I wouldn't turn them down...lets not get crazy here...


But yes... I am indeed a messy crafter, and I wouldn't have it any other way :)
How about you, messy or clean... time to spill the beans!