Thursday, December 9, 2010

There is finally a chill in the air... getting geared up for January 2011 in style!

Good morning everyone!

Man is it getting cold here in NW Florida, and I must say: Its about time!!!
We are well into December and some days I swear I still am forced to go out in capris and a Tshirt.
Not very Christmasy if you ask me.
I have been super busy around my house finishing up a few last min orders
and whatnot. Some very easy to do (although quite time consuming)
People have been ordering them left and right, they wanna get geared up for January 2011 in style!
I made these using the DCWV kit and love how they came out!

How adorable!?
Very simple and straight forward.
I didn't want too much mush on them or they would be too heavy to hang.

Just a quick update for you all!
If you check back within the next couple of days
there will be info up on a wonderful auction that a girlfriend of mine is putting on
for her non-profit charity called
A Touch of A Hero
She makes wonderful little crafts, hair accessories etc.
using materials from military uniforms.
All proceeds go towards buying phone cards for our troops over seas!
And this time of year is when a lot of families most want to talk with their loved ones!
So please make sure that you check back for the info as this is really for a wonderful cause.
And I will be donating a gift certificate!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!