Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to be alone

I love to be alone in my own little world when I am scrapping,
with my husband in the next room... far enough away that I am not overly distracted by his yelling at whatever sports team is on but close enough that I am warmed by the thought of his posture in the jersey of the day .
 Being really alone though is something that I am always fearing...waiting for it to strike with unknown force all together too familiar. My husbands deployment is always in the depths of my thoughts, somewhere amongst the things and thoughts I would rather not think about but cant forget.

Not to get too heavy or anything folks!

I just wanted to share with you an amazing video that I love and intend to incorporate into a LO in the near future.

How to be alone

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flowers, A book made of envelopes, Chair snatchers and A GIVEAWAY (for a good cause)!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

A bit of a later post today, I have been super busy since 7am this morning!
Client meetings, Dr. Appts, errands and enjoying a couple of hours at Starbucks with a girlfriend.

I have made a few more flowers since my tutorial. They are just so stinkin sweet that
I cant get or make enough of them! Its quite theraputic too. I will sit on the couch with the hubby while we watch football listening to him scream at the tv while I sew flowers...
Its all about bonding right???

Get a load of some cuteness:

I have been tinkering away in my E-cave however creating some pretty scrumptious things!
I came across an adorable little idea today for a mini-book.
Its an envelope mini-book and I think that I am falling head over heels for this
unique method of scrapping.

You can use envelopes of any shape and size depending on how large and how you want
your mini-book to look.
I will provide detailed instructions when I finish my envelope mini-book and have worked out all of the kinks (I am pretty much teaching myself how to make these just from seeing
one picture that I no longer have access to so bare with me!) 
and really really hope that you
all participate and make you own and
comment with a link to your wonderful creations!!!

Here is a picture of the front of my envelope mini-book that I have done so far :

Amazing little book idea isn't it !?
I am quite fond of it so far!!!

I cant take all of the credit though...
I did have help from my creative little muses and partners in crime.
Infact, I was forced to take a break this afternoon after coming back from making a phone call and discovering that I had been kicked out of my workspace by said partners.

I didnt have the heart to move them!
Would you?!

Now on to the main event!


I met Monica about a year ago at a LSS and have kept in touch with her through our
Facebooks, blogs, various scrappy adventures and through our status
as proud Air Force wives!

She has started a wonderful charity called
A Touch of a Hero : a line of Jewelry and accessories made from Military Uniform Buttons!

A Touch of a Hero was established in June of 2010 after having gone through a
deployment with her husband.
While SSgt. Heimes was deployed he had very limited phone contact with his loved ones due to
a short supply of phone cards to call the states with.

Monica uses every dollar of her earning to buy phone cards to send overseas so that our soldiers and their families can keep in contact during a very trying time.
With the help of people purchasing her adorable creations
she has been able to send 80 plus phone cards to our soldiers deployed overseas!

Monica and A touch of a Hero have been generous beyond measure already but are going above any beyond by offering products for a few giveaways!

Look at how adorable this key chain is!!!

Along with these SUPER ADORABLE earrings made from 100% authentic military issued uniform buttons.

I have GOT to get my hands on a pain of these!!!

Okay folks! BOTH items are up for grabs, you win you pick.
To enter: simply follow my blog and leave a comment on this post :)
Deadline is September 2nd at midnight.

Tell your friends and spread the word for a good cause!
While youre at it let your fingers do a little walking and stop by Monica's blog and leave some love!
Check out her A Touch of a Hero Facebook too!
Easy enough right!?

So ready...set... GO!!!

And Good luck !

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Handmade ribbon flowers with Sara Laurent

A quick video tutorial on how I make some of my favorite ribbon/fabric flowers for
layouts, cards, books etc.
Sorry for the poor quality, working on getting a new video camera!
The sound and images are a bit grainy and distorted but you get the idea :)

Enjoy and look forward to more Tutorials!

You can see the full sized video HERE
Better quality!

Monday, August 16, 2010

(not so) Manic Monday


This past weekend was fairly uneventful. Its been raining here most of the time... Why is this
place called the Sunshine state again?

Oh well that just means more time for scrapping and the Hubby :)
Took a drive out to Destin this weekend and went to Michael's.
Their Halloween stuff has begun to creep into the isles!!!
Halloween...its the most wonderful time of the year.

Along with the usual home decor there is all new Martha Stewart scrapping etc. supplies!
There are some really cute things from her this year that I must get my hands on!
Items include but aren't limited to : Boarder punches, stamps, paper pads, fibers, embellies etc!
Along with the various decorations and party supplies.

Take a look at some of the cuteness!

I'll be taking a trip back in a few weeks to stock up!
Don't forget your coupons!

On another note.
Its almost my Mom's birthday! I made her card this weekend, nothing too flashy
or bearing any set of numbers lol. Very nondescript.

LOVE IT ! I made this card using mostly items I won from the Scrapgrlz Blog
Wednesday Winners.
Shell has an awesome giveaway. Sometimes is a little something something
and other times its a hugely awesome prize.
A winner (or sometimes even winners!) is drawn every Saturday at random.
Go check it out!

I have lots to get done today! There really needs to be more hours in the day, I swear!
I need to work on layouts for three clients. I also got a card order in over the weekend
and need to have those done within the next week or so. I also have been getting in orders for my
"A year in cards" card packs! I MUST start work on those within the next couple of days.

On top of that craziness I want to make a few fabric flowers and work on ribbon embellie pieces

Gorgeous arent they!?! I need some for a layout and mini book that I have in mind and cant wait to start playing with all of that goodness!

And last but not least!
Another fantastic giveaway that I stumbled upon!

Happy Manic Monday!
Aaaaand Im off!